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Online Contents
1999, Vol. 48

V. T. Vassilev - CASE-based Development of Web-enabled Database Applications. The Promise and the Dead-end of the Relational Approach Full text 3
C . Korsemov, S. Koynov, H. Toshev - Macroenhancements for Calling Multiargumental Subroutines or Assemblies of them Full text 18
K. Kolchakov - An Approach for Non-Conflict Time Scheduling in Packet Radio Networks with TDMA Full text 30
S. L. Koynov - Ārtificial Neural Networks - Background, Evolutionary Models and History Full text 36
V. G. Gouljashki, O. K. Asparoukhov - A Heuristic Procedure for a Two-Group Classification Problem Full text 45
I. Baruch, A. Mitev, B. Nenkova - Application of Recurrent Neural Networks for Systems Identification and Control Full text 53
V. S. Vassilev - An Interactive Reference Direction Algorithm of the Convex Nonlinear Integer Multiobjective Programming Full text 64
V. S. Vassilev - An Interactive Method for Solving a Class of Multiple Criteria Choice Problems Full text 72
L. Sinapova, D. Dochev - Analyzing Bulgarian and English Collocations Full text 80
V. S. Sgurev - On a Network Flow with One Linear Equality Full text 92
A. T. Atanassov - Multiterminal Network Flows with Inverse Linear Constraints in Engineering Networks Full text 100
G. Agre, R. Paggio, L. Batachia - Knowledge Acquisition in TRACE Full text 107
Z. Nikolov, I. Moustakerov - Restoration of a Modulating Function of Quasi-Periodic Processes Full text 121
I. Moustakerov, A. Gotchev, Z. Nikolov - On the Use of Wave Transformation for Determination of Voice Signals Emotionality Full text 126