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Online Contents
2001, Vol. 51

P. Kademova - Katsarova - The Fieldbuses - a Comparative Analysis Full text 3
V. Sgurev - Capacity and Maximal and Minimal Network Flow with Additional Linear Equalities Full text 12
H. Hristov, T. Tashev - Computer Aided Synthesis of Interacting Processes Models Full text 20
G. Marchokov, A. Gotchev, Z. Nikolov - AWaveet-Packet Based Speech Coding Algorithm Full text 26
V. Vassilev - A Reference Neighbourhood Interactive Algorithm for Solving Multicriteria Linear Integer Programming Problems Full text 38
K. Genova - User-Friendly Interactive Algorithm of the Multicriteria Linear Integer Programming Full text 47
I. Baruch, J. M. Flores Albino, B. Nenkova - Recurrent Neural Network Approach for Identification and Control of Nonlinear Objects Full text 57
K. Penev - On the "Greedy" Algorithm Full text 65
O. Asparoukhov, P. Mateev - Bridging Mathematical Programming-Based Two-Group Classification with Bayes Decision Approach Full text 74
M. Djelatova - A Lexicographic Algorithm Solving a Problem of a Multiobjective Flow in a Network Full text 85
D. Dochev, R. Yoshinov, R. Pavlov - Functions and Tools in a Distributed Computer Environment for Telematics-Based Learning Full text 90
C. Korsemov, Z. Nikolov, S. Koynov - Power Factor Correctors for Rectifiers Full text 99
V. Sgurev, V. Jotsov - Some Defeasible Inference Methods by Using Network Flows Full text 110