AComIn: Монографии


Mara Kandeva, Aleksandar Vencl, Dimitar Karastoyanov. Advanced Tribological Coatings for Heavy-Duty Applications: Case Studies. Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2016
The monograph „Advanced Tribological Coatings for Heavy-Duty Applications: Case Studies“ reflects the last trends in solving wear problems. It presents a summary of the researches conducted by the authors in the past few years, concerning the tribological coatings designed for different heavy-duty applications under the impact loads and high temperature and pressures, in abrasive, erosive and corrosive environment. Three different deposition techniques and various coating materials were used and discussed, i.e. electroless plating process for deposition of nickel composite coatings with different nanoparticles (diamond, SiC, and BN) addition; gas metal arc welding (GMAW) technique for hardfacing of different ferrous-based coatings; and high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) spaying process for deposition of various superalloy coatings.

Jovana Ružić, Nikolay Stoimenov. Advanced Copper Matrix Composites. Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2016
Influence of process parameters on properties of new advanced copper matrix composites is investigated. Copper matrix composites were obtained by powder metalurgy technique and great attention is dedicated to proper selection of mechanical alloying parameters. Mechanically alloyed powders were analyzed by advanced laser nanoparticle sizer in order to determinate changes in particle size distribution depending on the time. Characterization of MA powders and compacts was done by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) equipped with an energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and X-ray computed tomograph (CT). Also, analysis and simulation of mechanical alloying in attritor mill by using EDEM Academic software is presented.

Todor Penchev, Dimitar Karastoianov, Stanislav Gyoshev, Ivan Altaparmakov. Innovative Impact Processes: Machines, Theory, Experiments, Modeling. Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2016
In the present work the authors define the basic parameters, and also derive equations of the process in case of impact of a sphere on a stationary plate, and also the impact between two spheres. So far they have achieved great results in both, theoretical and experimental research, and also in the modeling of these processes. To clarify the nature of the impact, of considerable importance is the creation of the theory of emergence and spread of longitudinal and transverse elastic and plastic waves of stresses.

Mara Kandeva-Ivanova, Dimitar Karastoyanov, Boryana Ivanova, Emilia Assenova. Tribological Interactions of Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron Microalloyed with Tin. Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2016
Subject matter in the present monograph is the study of a conventional material, spheroidal graphite cast iron, widely used in almost all fields of industry. The basic purpose of the study is to find out new possibilities for improvement of the mechanical and tribological characteristics of this type of cast iron. Two approaches are implemented: the first one, improvement of the bulk structure and properties of the spheroidal graphite cast iron microalloyed by tin, and the second one, searching of new solutions related to the interaction between the cast iron and the lubricant under friction, particularly in the interaction with new metal plating lubricant materials.

Даниела Борисова. Уреди за нощно виждане: Моделиране и оптимално проектиране. Издателство на БАН „Проф. МАРИН ДРИНОВ“, София, 2015, 202 страници, ISBN: 978-954-322-821-8.
В тази монография са представени съвременни авторски изследвания в областта на уредите за нощно виждане (УНВ), работещи на принципа на усилване на светлината. Разгледани са различни типове УНВ, принципът им на действие и техните основни елементи. Направен е анализ на основните компоненти на тези уреди – електронно-оптичните преобразуватели и използваните оптични системи. Предложен е математически модел на уред за нощно виждане, който модел описва зависимостите между елементите на устройството. На база на изведените математически зависимости е описан подход за теоретично определяне на параметрите на УНВ. Този подход е използван за дефиниране на детерминирани и стохастични оптимизационни модели, водещи до формулиране на съответни оптимизационни задачи. Задачите са използвани в разработени методи за проектиране на УНВ, отчитащи външните условия на наблюдение и зададени изисквания към параметрите на уредите. Описани са оптимизационни модели за избор на отделен уред от множество уреди, вземащ предвид както параметрите на конкретното устройство, така и външните условия на наблюдение. Тези модели са разширени, като са взети предвид и предпочитанията на потребителя по отношение важността на параметрите на УНВ. Предложен е оптимизационен модел и съответна методология за определяне на комбинации от външни условия на наблюдение, съвместими с техническите спецификации на УНВ. Описаните оптимизационни модели и задачи са илюстрирани с числени примери, които могат да бъдат използвани за тестване.
Представените резултати в настоящата монография могат да се използват както от специалисти в областта на уредите за нощно виждане, така и от широк кръг читатели, проявяващи интерес към съвременните УНВ.

Svetozar Ilchev and Zlatolilya Ilcheva. A New Approach for Data Handling for Web-based Applications, Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publ. House, 2014, 150 pp, ISBN: 978-954-322-780-8.
This book presents a summary of the authors’ technology for secure data storage, data transmission, multimedia protection and integrity verification on the Internet. As a consequence of recent discoveries, the need for security innovations for use in the modern venues of information publishing and exchange has become clear. The authors address this issue by creating and testing a new data hiding concept targeting Internet applications which use multimedia content. It does not replace the traditional cryptographic protection but rather enhances it and can be regarded as one further protection level specifically designed for use with multimedia. Among potential users of this book are corporate Internet portals for end-customers, news and advertising agencies, security footage producers, keepers and communicators of sensitive private data, artists, photographers, doctors, astronomers, government administrators and institutions.

Svetoslav Savov. SOLUTION BOUNDS FOR ALGEBRAIC EQUATIONS IN CONTROL THEORY, Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2014, 205 pp, ISBN 978-954-322-750-1.
The book is intended for a wide readership including engineers, applied mathematicians, graduate students, etc., seeking a comprehensive view of the main results on the estimation of the solutions of four algebraic equations, namely, the continuous-time and the discrete-time Lyapunov and Riccati equations. The book is organized as follows. A detailed summary of proposed since the 1970s various solution bounds for the considered algebraic equations is presented in Chapter I. Different approaches are discussed in order to demonstrate the efficiency and the shortcomings of a particular method.
As a consequence of this analysis and motivated by the conservatism in solution estimation, the author suggests a new approach to extend the sets of coefficient matrices for which various bounds are valid under less restrictive conditions. The main contributions can be briefly formulated as follows.

  1. It has been proved that extensions can be achieved by taking into account the singular value decomposition of the coefficient matrix for both the continuous-time (Chapter 2) and the discrete-time (Chapter 3) equations.
  2. Much attention is paid to the improvement of solution bounds. It is shown how available bounds can be used to derive new tighter estimates.
The bounds proposed in this book are illustrated by eleven numerical examples, including four real data cases in Chapter 4. The results are analyzed with respect to tightness and validity measured by several error indicators. The book provides quick and easy references for the solution of different engineering and mathematical problems. Because both the mathematical development and the applications are considered, it can be useful for solving problems and for research purposes, as well.
The research work is supported by the project “AComIn: Advanced Computing for Innovation” grant 316087 funded by the European Commission in FP7 Capacity (2012-2016).