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Online Contents
2000, Vol. 49

K. Genova - An Interactive Method for Solving Problems for Multicriteria Choice with Discrete Alternatives Full text 3
D. Dochev, N. Gromova, K. Staykova - Lexico-Grammatical Characteristics of Bulgarian Softwrae Instructional Texts Full text 11
C . Korsemov, S. Koynov, H. Toshev - From an Accessory through Windows to Shutdown under DOS Full text 20
D. Dochev, I. Koprinska, R. Pavlov - Multimedia Data Management - Characteristics and Requirements Full text 29
Z. Nikolov, I. Daskalov, A. Gotchev - Preliminary Processing of Biomedical Signals Using Time-Frequency Representation Full text 43
K. Kolchakov - Suboptimal Solution of the Problem for Non-Conflict Scheduling in Radio Networks Full text 50
J. Beyazov - Pneumohudraulic Amplifier with Mechanical Deviation of the Flow Full text 56
T. Tanev, B. Stoyanov - On the Performance Indexes for Robot Manipulators Full text 64
V. S. Jotsov, V. S. Sgurev - On One Approach in Justapositions Application in Nondeductive Inference Full text 72
T. D. Tashev, H. R. Hristov - On One Approach for Modification and Expansion of the Information Interactions Models Full text 78
V. V. Monov - Generalizations of some Criteria for P-matrices and M-matrices Full text 88
A. T. Atanassov - A Multicommodity Network Flow with Inverse Linear Constraints Full text 96
I. Moustakerov - A Software System for Visualization and Editing of Two-Dimensional Signals with Large Duration Designed for the Purposes of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Full text 104