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Online Contents
1998, Vol. 47

V. Balavessov - Direct Adaptive Control of Robots by Means of Auxiliary Signals Full text 3
D. Dontchev - Some Mathematical Aspects of Control of Robots Full text 11
K. Genova, M. Vodenitcharova - An Algorithm Solving a Discrete Multicriteria Choice Problem Using Reference Cones Full text 16
V. Vassilev - An Interactive Reference Direction Algorithm of Nonlinear Integer Multiobjective Programming Full text 21
G. Gluhchev - Contrast Enhancement of Portal Images with Adaptive Histogram Clip Full text 29
K. Stoilova, T. Stoilov - Equivalent Noise Level and Traffic Lights Arterial Optimization Full text 36
V. Vassilev, M. Betcheva - An Interactive Algorithm of Objective Programming Full text 45
B. Metev - Obtaining Weak Pareto Points for Multiobjective Linear Fractional Programming Problems Full text 53
S. Yordanova, A. Todorov - Investigation on Some Applications of Neural Networks in Control of Plants with Variable Parameters Full text 59
Hr. Hristov, R. Kunchev, T. Tashev - Computer-Aided Modeling and Investigation of Interactions Described by Petri Nets Full text 69
V. Sgurev, R. Jussupov - Problems in Ensuring the Information Security of Society Full text 75
R. Jussupov, V. Sgurev, V. Zabolotskii, V. Ivanov - Man in Information Environment Full text 79
J. Beyazov, B. Stoyanov, V. Peichev - Electrohydraulic Amplifier with Mechanical Deviation of the Flow Full text 85
M. Strougarova, P. Kademova - Katzarova - The ISDN Technology - Characteristics and Objectives Full text 96
M. Nikolova - Properties of Effective Solutions of the Multicriteria Network Flow Problem Full text 104