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The existing IICT Grid infrastructure includes 3 computer clusters within the European Grid Initiative infrastructure with a total of 916 CPU cores and about 110 TB SAN disk storage and 10 TB tape. The newest cluster, deployed in 2010, is a High Performance Cluster with 576 logical cores (2.8 GHz, Xeon 5560, 36 blades, 24 GB RAM), interconnected with non-blocking 20 Gbit/s DDR Infiniband fabrics, with 8 storage servers connected to 96 TB in two SAN disk arrays. One server with 4 GPU NVIDIA Tesla M2090 cards aids the development of GPGPU-based algorithms and computer codes. Most of the funding for purchasing the HPC clusters was provided by national programmes. In addition to the HPC cluster, the IICT researchers also use the Bulgarian supercomputer IBM Blue Gene/P, located at the premises of the Ministry of Telecommunications, IT and Transport.

However, insufficient advanced ′periphery′ (in a broad sense) to the HPC core is available. IICT needs modern devices to acquire data about objects and processes that might be of interest for the Bulgarian high-tech industry. Modern periphery will ensure the ′data autonomy′ of IICT (flow of real-world data for the IICT research tasks) and will enable highly innovative scientific activities related to material sciences, energy, health, industrial control and optimisation etc.