AComIn: Topics in ICT


The project is focused on a limited set of ICT topics:

  1. advanced computing (a general designator for supercomputing, high-performance computing, parallel processing etc.),
  2. language and semantic technologies,
  3. signal and image processing as well as
  4. optimisation and intelligent control.
They are selected due to several reasons:
  • The topics are fundamental in ICT and enable radical progress and development of novel applications. The state-of-the-art frontiers of these technologies tackle computational tasks with high complexity which underpin the challenges of Horizon 2020;
  • IICT has proven record of excellence in these areas;
  • The topics are synergistically connected and will strengthen the horizontal collaboration within the institute. Advanced computing becomes a broadly-used technology relatively recently because it requires substantial infrastructural developments; thus the available IICT capacity in advanced computing is a chance for the other IICT departments to quickly switch to most modern computational paradigms and to generate state-of-the-art results and corresponding innovation.