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Online Contents
2019, Vol. 71

D. Karastoyanov, A Bubenchikov, M Bubenchikov, D Mamontov, A Lun-Fu. Investigation of the State of C60 @ CNT in the Presence of an Electric Field 3
G. Kostadinov, T. Atanasova. Security Policies for Wireless and Network Infrastructure 14
K. Kolchakov. Comparative Analysis of Algorithms for Non-Conflict Scheduling in Crossbar Switch with Large Scale Connections Matrix 20
A. Chikurteva. Multimedia in Education 27
M. Paneva. Linear Plastic Deformation of Solid Body 35
N. Spasova. Optimization of Thermal Management of MCM 43
P. Tomov, I. Zankinski, T. Balabanov. Training of Artificial Neural Networks for Financial Time Series Forecasting in Android Service and Widgets 50
P. Panev. Analysis of Film Types for Packaging Processes 57