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Online Contents
1997, Vol. 46

V. Sgurev - A Network Flow Approach to Clause Inference Full text 3
V. Sgurev, V. Jotsov - Computational Analogy: Some Results and Perspectives Full text 11
B. Metev - Applications of Reference Point Method for Analysis of Linear Fractional Programming Problems Full text 21
V. Vassilev - An Optimization Motivated Interactive Algorithm Solving a Discrete Multicriteria Choice Problem Full text 32
Z. Nikolov, A. Gotchev - Raising of the Computational Efficiency in Glottal Closure Instant Determination through Wavelet Transform Full text 38
Z. Nikolov, A. Gotchev, Ch. Korsemov - Linear Frequency-Time Transformations for Industrial Mains Modelling Full text 47
V. Ilchev, Zl. Ilcheva, S. Koynov - Visual Image Preprocessing Using Neural Networks Full text 55
N. Dokev - An Interactive Program System for Training Students in Operation with Digital and Analog Regulators Full text 61
Hr. Hristov, T. Tashev, R. Kunchev, V. Tzanov - SDL Specification of Open Systems - Application in a Network for Personal Call Full text 68
M. Gospodinov, M. Popov, T. Trifonov - An Improved Statistical Model of Communication Channel in the Cellular Radiotelephone Networks Full text 78
T. Trifonov, M. Gospodinov - Analysis of High Density Sensor for Specialized Electronic Equipment Full text 83
T. Boiadjiev - Dynamic Control of Manipulating Robots. Dynamic Control by Standard Corrections Full text 89
D. Taslakova - Positioning Accuracy and Repeatability of a Class of Technological Robots Full text 99
Hr. Dimov, V. Dobrinov, T. Boiadjiev - Experimental Investigation of Pose Repeatability of Manipulating Robots Full text 106