AComIn: Kick-off Meeting 25-26 October 2012


Location: Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Acad. G. Bonchev Str. Block 2 and Block 25A, Sofia 1113

Programme 25 October, Thursday, Block 2 Hall 507

  • 15:00 Opening
  • 15:05-15:50 Dr. Stefan Weiers, European Commission: Management and reporting aspects for support actions under the programme Research Potential
  • 15:50-16:30 Discussion between Dr. Weiers and AComIn team members
  • 16:30-16:45 Visiting labs in IICT Block 2
  • 16:45-17:00 Visiting the IICT High Performance Computing Centre Block 25A
  • 17:00-18:00 Meeting of Dr. Weiers with AComIn and IICT governing bodies

Programme 26 October, Friday, Block 25A Hall 218

    1. Prof. Virginio Cantoni, University of Pavia
    2. Prof. Ivan Kalaykov, Örebro University
    3. Prof. Oleg Iliev, Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics Kaiserslautern
    4. Karina Angelieva, Joint Innovation Centre Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
    5. Atanas Kiryakov, Semantic Technology Institute International
    6. Dr. Ioannis Papamichail, Technical University of Crete
    7. Prof. Asen Asenov, Gold Standard Simulations Ltd. & University of Glasgow