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2020, Vol. 73

Daniela Borissova, Zornitsa Dimitrova, Magdalena Garvanova, Ivan Garvanov, Petya Cvetkova, Vasil Dimitrov, Andrea Pandulis. Two-Stage Decision-Making Approach to Survey the Excessive Usage of Smart Technologies 3-16
Maksim Sharabov, Georgi Tsochev.
The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0
Krasimir Terziev, Dimitar Karastoyanov.
The Impact of Innovation in the Satellite Industry on the Telecommunications Services Market
Georgi Tsochev.
Developing Monte Carlo Simulator of Reinforcement Learning Type
Milvina Terzieva, Dimitar Karastoyanov.
ICT for Innovation in Advanced Banking
Gergana Vassileva.
E-learning Model for Competence Development of Chief Information Officers
Vassil Sgurev.
Analysis of the Contributions of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Development and Production of the Industrial Robots