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Online Contents
2018, Vol. 70

Ch. Korsemov, St. Koynov, H. Toshev.
An Approach to Training Artificial Neural Networks with Genetic Algorithms
D. Chikurtev, M. Grueva.
Leader-follower formation control of multiple mobile robots
K. Kolchakov, V. Monov.
An approach to weights distribution of requests in two algorithms for non-conflict scheduling
N. Sabotinkov.
Reducing the concentration of fine dust particles in underground rail transport
D. Chikurtev, I. Rangelov, N. Chivarov, D. Karastoyanov.
3D modelling for object recognition with depth sensors
P. Stoev, N. Chivarov, D. Chikurtev, I. Rangelov, S. Shivarov.
Design of humanoid service robot for elderly and disabled care ROBCO 18
St. Nikolov.
Examination the Influence of the Type of the Contact Surfaces on the Stresses Receiving in the Manipulated Details by Using Parallel Gripper
L. Dimitrov, L. Klochkov, N. Stoimenov.
Automatizing the Auxiliary Operations of a Superfinishing Machine. Part I. Analysis of the Technological Process and Performance of Superfinishing treatment of Pistons for Axial Piston Pumps and Motor
N. Stoimenov, L. Dimitrov, L. Klochkov.
Automatizing the Auxiliary Operations of a Superfinishing Machine. Part II. Development of structural compilation variants