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Online Contents
2006, Vol. 56

T. Tanev - Workspace of a Hybrid (Parallel-Serial) Robot Manipulator Full text 3
G. Stainov - Theoretical Investigation of aGearless Differential Full text 10
P. Sini1kov - Successive Sinusoidal Motions of Open Kinematic Chains for Transportation of Mobile Self-Programming Robot-Technical Complexes Full text 19
I. Rashkov, C. Mladenova - An Approach for Defining the Displacements of Elastic Link from Open-Loop Kinematic Chain (Manipulator) Full text 27
D. Karastoyanov - A Mechatronical System for Research of a New Knitting Method Full text 41
N. Chakarov - The Protein Sequence Structure Alignment - Computer's Problem in the Face of Molecular Biology Full text 46
T. Boiadjiev, K. Zagurski, V. Vitkov, G. Boiadjiev - Experimental Verification of the Control of Automatic Drilling Module in Surgery Full text 53
D. Borissova - Multicriteria Choice of the NVG Optoelectronic Channel Elements Full text 61
M. Vassi1eva - Generalized Interactive Algorithm of Multicriteria Optimization Full text 69
K. Li1ovski, N. Dokev - The Impact of Compiling a LINUX Kernel with INTEL C/C++ Compiler on Computer Clusters Used by Science Full text 78
S. Dinoev - Laser - a Controlled Assistant in Agriculture Full text 86