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Online Contents
2005, Vol. 55

V. Sgurev, S. Kojnov, V. Jotsov Quantitative Estimates of the State of the Information Society in Bulgaria Full text 3
V. Vassilev, K. Genova, M. Vassileva, B. Staykov, F. Andonov A Software System for Multicriteria Analysis and Optimization Full text 8
S. Drangajov, V. Vassilev, N. Dimitrov, M. Djelatova Graph and Network Optimization Software Package Full text 20
R. Krasteva, A. Boneva, V. Georchev, I. Stoianov Application of Wireless Protocols Bluetooth and ZigBee in Telemetry System Development Full text 30
G. Nikolova, L. Stefanova, Y. Toshev 3D Model of the Human Body Generated within Pro/EngineerTM Environment Full text 39
T. Popov, L. Fenerdjiev, D. Ivanov Energy-Saving Ferrite Transformers Full text 45
I. Chavdarov Kinematics and Force Analysis of a Five-Link Mechansim by the Four Spaces Jacoby Matix Full text 53
V. Peychev Legal Document - a Formal Model Full text 64
B. Stoyanov, J. Beyazov Determination of the Flow Rate of Different Fluids by a Rotameter Full text 71
G. Boiadjiev, D. Vassileva Orientation Possibilities of Redundant Robots Based on Sensibility Analysis Full text 79
S. Kojnov, V. Jotsov, V. Sgurev Defeasible Inference in Intelligent Agents of BDI Type Full text 90
M. Hadjiiski, Z. Georgiev Benchmarking of Process Control Performance Full text 103