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Online Contents
2001, Vol. 52

V. Sgurev, R. Jussupov - A Generalized Model of Science Development at Normal and Crisis Status of the Country Full text 3
V. Sgurev - Information, Data, Knowledge through the Prism of Two Fictional Experiments Full text 9
O. Tzarnorechki, B. Vassilev - Evolution Potential - Basic Informative Attribute of the Information Carriers Full text 14
M. Vassileva - An Interactive Algorithm of the Multicriteria Linear Integer Programming Full text 17
M. Sarneva - Optimization System for Solving Problems of Nonlinear Multiobjective Programming Full text 26
T. Atanassova - An Approach for Intelligent Decision Support in Reserach Knowledge Network Full text 35
S. Koynov, C . Korsemov, H. Toshev - The Artificial Neural Networks in the Context of the Modern Tendencies in Evolutionary Computing Full text 43
K. Staykova - Multilingual Natural Language Generation (Experience from AGILE Project) Full text 51
B. Manchev, B. Nenkova - Application of Simple Approximate System Availability Analysis Tools Full text 63
I. Moustakerov - General-Purpose File-Based Information System Full text 70
T. Tashev, H. Radev - Modeling and Synthesis of Information Interactions Full text 75
B. Stoyanov, J. Beyazov - Fluid Flow Sensors with a Ring Nozzle Full text 81
K. Kolchakov - Design of a Class of Security Systems Imitating Human Presence in the Guarded Object Full text 89