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The dissertation abstract or summary is what will be read first, to give an indication of the parameters of the study, its depth and breadth, its content and the scientific contribution it makes. It is important that it is written in a concise and focused manner so that it identifies the salient features of the research, the problem or research question, the approach adopted, and its findings. In general, abstracts should be 10-15 pages long. You may assume that your reader is an expert in the discipline, and therefore you will not provide definitions of terminology or background explanations.

Dissertation Abstract Content (in English)

The dissertation abstract should contain the following items:
  • keywords;
  • the main purpose of the dissertation;
  • motivation to study the problem under consideration;
  • methodology of the study;
  • summary of your results and major scientific contribution of the dissertation;
  • bibliography (only works cited in the dissertation).

The Abstract Template can be found at the following address: