AComIn: Appreciation


10 February, 2014 - The President of the Republic of Bulgaria – Rosen Plevneliev visited the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (IICT-BAS)

During his visit, he got acquainted with the latest results obtained in project AComIn and met with some of the young scientists, currently working on the project – Dr. Jean Michel Sellier, Dr. Clemens Hofreither, Dr. Stanislav Stoykov and Dr. Ivan Georgiev. Presentations were given by Dr. Ivan Georgiev, Dr. Jean-Michael Sellier and Dr. Stanislav Stoykov.

The PhD students – Mr. Atanas Ivanov, Mr. Nikolai Stoimenov and Mr. Stanislav Gyoshev demonstrated the capabilities of some of the newly purchased SmartLab devices, including the 3D Scanner, thermo camera and high-speed camera.

The President speaking with Dr. Jean-Michel Sellier (in English) video

The President (in the middle), together with Prof. Svetozar Margenov - Director of IICT-BAS (left), Prof. Galia Angelova – project AComIn coordinator (right) and Dr. Jean Michel Sellier (far left)

The President speaking with Dr. Stanislav Stoykov (in Bulgarian) video

Dr. Ivan Georgiev presenting
The President speaking with Dr. Ivan Georgiev (in Bulgarian) video

Dr. Jean Michel Sellier speaking

The President (in the middle) posing for a photo together with the young minds of project AComIn - Dr. Vladimir Kotev, Dr. Stanislav Stoykov, Dr. Jean Michel Sellier and Dr. Clemens Hofreither (left to right)
The President speaking with Dr. Clemens Hofreither (in English) video