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Online Contents
2020, Vol. 72

From the Editorial Board 3-4
Vassil Sgurev.
Contributions of the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) in Automation, Robotics and Computers during the Past Century
Vasily Osipov, Alexander Vodijo, Radoslav Yoshinov, Nataly Zhukova.
Software Modeling of Technical Objects
Ivan Stankov, Georgi Tsochev.
Vulnerability and Protection of Business Management Systems: Threats and Challenges
Rosa Fatkieva, Elena Evnevich, Radoslav Yoshinov.
State-of-the Art and Trends in Network Security Control
Mitko Petrov.
Modelling and Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Selection of Growth Rate Models of Batch Whey Cultivation by Kluyveromyces marxianus var. lactis MC 5
Radoslav Yoshinov, Igor Kulikov, Nataly Zhukova.
Methods of Composing Hierarchical Knowledge Graphs of Telecommunication Networks