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2011, Vol. 64

V. Sgurev Technosphere, Risks and Their Control 3
T. Atanasova, T. Tashev Analysis and Evaluation of Energy Losses in Living Environment on the Basis of Cognitive-Expert Classification 11
A. Tochev, V. Guliashki Application of Mathematical Induction for Inheritance Law Interpretations 19
K. Perev Approximation of Pure Time Delay Elements by Using Hankel Norm and Balanced Realizations 24
N. Dokev, I. Blagoev Probable Risks Concerning Security in Email Communication and a Protection Approach 38
M. Kandeva, D. Karastoyanov, A. Andonova Tribology of Nanostructured Nickel Chemical Coatings 52
V. Nikolov, G. Chipov Implementation of Human-Machine Interface via Measurement and Treatment of Bio-Potential 60
D. Karastoyanov, M. Grouev Wireless Controlled Luggage Carrier 68
V. Kotev Design of Mechatronic Systems for Inspection of Shafts Coating 78
R. Krasteva, D. Bachvarov, A. Boneva Remote Control and Monitoring of a Small Hydro-Power Plant 87