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2011, Vol. 63

In Memoriam of Prof. Zdravko Nikolov 3
Z. Nikolov , C. Korsemov, H. Toshev Reliability of Wind Turbine Generators and Exploitation of Wind Farms 5
D. Borissova, I. Mustakerov, V. Grigorova Engineering Systems Maintenance by Optimal Decision Making Strategies under Uncertainty Conditions 14
Z. Nikolov , C. Korsemov, H. Toshev Reactive Power in Wind Generator Farms and Introduction of Flicker in a Power Line 22
T. Penchev, P. Bodurov, D. Karastoyanov High Speed Rocket Propelled Industrial Hammer 35
V. Nikolov Non-Invasive Approach towards Remote Control of Insects in the Implementation of Bio-Robotic Mobile Platforms 41
D. Karastoyanov, T. Penchev, G. Gavrilov Coating with Nano Components for Renovating of Extrusing Shafts 49
M. Marinov Experimental Set-Up for Complex Investigation of Stack Piezo-Actuators 58
P. Yosifov, L. Dimitrov Design of an Automated System for Liquid Foods Production 67