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Online Contents
2009, Vol. 60

D. Kolarova – Multimedia Semantics and the Semantic Web 3
E. Vandeva, M. Vassileva – Application of Multicriteria System MKA-2 for Multicriteria Choice of the Most Preferred Insurance “Motor Third Party Liability” 14
D. Vatov – A Software System for Optimal Virtualization of a Server Farm 25
I. Garvanov, L. Doukovska, V. Kyovtorov, C. Kabakchiev – Comparative Analysis of CFAR Structures for GPS Signals under Conditions of Intensive Urban Pulse Interference 34
V. Guliashki, H. Toshev, C. Korsemov – Survey of Evolutionary Algorithms Used in Multiobjective Optimization 42
L. Kirilov, E. Bournaski, R. Iliev – Modeling and Decision Analysis with Multiple Objectives of Water Quality Management Problems 55
B. Stoyanov, V. Peychev, J. Beyazov – A Noncontact Pneumatic-to-Electrical Transducer of Position 65
K. Yordanova – Learning in Virtual Communities through Collaboration 72
A. Aleksieva-Petrova, M. Petrov – Service Oriented Architecture of Assessment Model 85
M. Petrov, A. Aleksieva-Petrova – Three View Model of e-Portfolio Assessment System 92

To be discussed
E. Bantutov - Long Whole Stick’s Paradox - Motion with Endless Big Speed 99