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Online Contents
2007, Vol. 58

I. Popchev, I. Radeva – Multi-Criteria Scheme for MAP-Cluster Identification Full text 3
C. Korsemov, H. Toshev – Development of the Evolutionary Approaches in Multiobjective Optimization Full text 12
V. Marinova - Boncheva – A Short Survey of Intrusion Detection Systems Full text 23
B. Stoyanov, V. Peichev, Y. Beyazov, G. Rancheva – Theoretic-Experimental Model of Sensors with Opposite Confronting Streams Full text 31
L. Doukovska, I. Garvanov, V. Kyovtorov – Comparative Analysis between a Hough Detector and an Averaging Detector under Conditions of Strong Pulse Jamming Full text 41
N. Tonchev, L. Kirilov – Two Approaches for Solving Multiple Criteria Decision Making Problems (MCDM) with an Illustrative Example Full text 53
Z. Nikolov – Synchronzation of the Communication with Wide-Band Impulse Modulation over Power Line Channels Full text 64
K. Kolchakov, H. Hristov – An Algorithm, Eliminating the Conflicts by Diagonal Scanning of the Connection Matrix Full text 74
K. Miloshev – SAN Storage Provisioning with “External” Load Balancing Mechanism Full text 79