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Online Contents
2002, Vol. 53

P. Kopacek - Robots in Austria Full text 3
B. Kopacek, P. Kopacek - A Semi-Automatised Disassembly Cell for Printed Circuit Boards Full text 10
P. H. Osanna, N. M. Durakbasa - Trends in Metrology Full text 15
H.-B. Matthias, B. List, P. Angerer - Automation and Energy in Hydraulic Machinery Full text 25
P. Copacek, N. Chivarov - Modular Approach in Projecting of Intelligent Mobile Robots Full text 36
Z. Zaharieva, R. Zahariev - Semi-Autonomous Low-Cost Mobile Robot for Inspection Full text 49
V. Jotsov, V. Sgurev - On a Data-Driven Method for Research of Models Full text 57
K. Hristov, F. Ionescu, K. Kostadinov - Modelling Procedure and Development of Piezo Actuated Mechatronic Systems Full text 67
D. Bachvarov, V. Geortchev, A. Boneva, R. Krasteva - TCL/TK Based API for OMRON's RS485 Interface Network Full text 80
R. Bozhkova - Software for Making Commands in Unitary Code Full text 87
A. Ananiev, D. Ignatova, B. Iliev - An Approach to the Design of a Light-Weight Reconfigurable Robot Arm for a Mobile Robot Full text 93
I. Georgiev, A. Antonovski - Radio Control System Full text 101
K. Zagurski - Radio-Frequency Data Transmission for Remote-Controlled Mechatronic Systems Full text 105
R. Krasteva - Bulgarian Hand-Printed Character Recognition Using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Full text 112
T. Boiadjiev, G. Boiadjiev - Automation of Drilling as Orthopaedic Manipulation Full text 118