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Online Contents
2020, Vol. 72

From the Editorial Board 3-4
Vassil Sgurev. Contributions of the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) in Automation, Robotics and Computers during the Past Century 5-16
Vasily Osipov, Alexander Vodijo, Radoslav Yoshinov, Nataly Zhukova. Software Modeling of Technical Objects 17-28
Ivan Stankov, Georgi Tsochev. Vulnerability and Protection of Business Management Systems: Threats and Challenges 29-40
Rosa Fatkieva, Elena Evnevich, Radoslav Yoshinov. State-of-the Art and Trends in Network Security Control 41-55
Mitko Petrov. Modelling and Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Selection of Growth Rate Models of Batch Whey Cultivation by Kluyveromyces marxianus var. lactis MC 5 56-68
Radoslav Yoshinov, Igor Kulikov, Nataly Zhukova. Methods of Composing Hierarchical Knowledge Graphs of Telecommunication Networks 69-78