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Online Contents
2006, Vol. 57

F. Andonov – An Interactive Method for Group Decision Making Full text 3
G. Marinova, V. Guliashki – New Methods for Circuit Optimization in the Software System Stopcomcir Full text 9
B. Stajkov – Multiobjective Optimization Software System Full text 21
S. Todorov – Mechatronical Bioreactor Device with Two Parallel Axes of Rotation Full text 31
V. Dobrinov, D. Karastoyanov, A. Dobrinov – Structronical Stand for Knitting Needle Actuators Examination Full text 39
T. Neshkov, A. Dobrinov – Novel Type Grippers for Small Objects Manipulation Full text 44
P. Sinilkov – Procedure for the Design of Mechanical Systems of Mobile Self-Programming Robot-Technical Complexes Full text 53
R. Mihailov, K. Koleva – The Kinematical Schemes Variants for Oriented Modules of the Dental Instruments Full text 67
K. Koleva, R. Mihailov – Technology and Tools for Dental Hard Tissue Machining Full text 73
B. Stoyanov, S. Stefanov, J. Beyazov, V. Peychev – Contemporary methods and devices for automatic measurement Full text 79
E. Mascalzoni, L. Regolin, I. Stoyanov – Wireless Cell-Recording Methods Applied to Avian Brain Research Full text 87
D. Borissova – A Single Criterion Combinatorial Optimization Model of the Monocular Night Vision Goggles Battery Power Supply Choice Full text 95
V. Sgurev, I. Lalov, S. Koynov – Some Characteristics of Computer Systems for Operative Dispatcher Control in Opencast Mines Full text 102
V. Sgurev, R. Yusupov – The Innovation Potential in Bulgaria: State-of-the-Art and Problems Full text 108
Z. Nikolov, Z. Hlebarov, P. Daskalov, H. Toshev – Control of the Current-to-Voltage Converter’s Transformed Power Through Magnetic Biasing Full text 113