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Online Contents
2004, Vol. 54

V. Sgurev Remarkable Anniversaries Full text 3
V. Sgurev Dependence between Information-Communication Technologies and Some Parameters of Globalization Full text 4
V. Vassilev, K. Genova, M. Vassileva, F. Andonov, B. Staikov MOLIP: A Multiobjective Optimization Software System Full text 14
R. Zahariev, D. Karastoyanov A Navigation System and Task Planning in a Mobile Robot for Inspection Full text 22
G. Stainov Replacement of the Damphers by Spring Accumulators in a Pneumatically Driven Link Full text 30
D. Vassileva Computer Analysis and Visualization of Kinematics and Dynamics Sensibility Parameters Full text 37
D. Batchvarov, K. Belov, S. Angelov, F. Calikoglu, A. Boneva, R. Krasteva A Technology for Electronic Energy Meters Intelligent Accounting Using Distributed Database over TCP/IP Network Full text 48
S. Toleva-Stoimenova, D. Batchvarov, V. Georchev, B. Bahnev Adaptive Control of Velocity Profile of an Alternating Current Motor Full text 54
M. Gospodinov, E. Buchvarova, A. Zamanov Microsoft .NET Mobile Web Full text 60
V. Sgurev, R. Yusupov, S. Kojnov Information-Communication Technologies and Opacity of Economics Full text 65
St. Dinoev, M. Antonov, T. Stoyanov, Chr. Georgieva Spectral Impact of Low-Power Laser Radiation on Wheat and Maize Parameters Full text 74
V. Peychev XML Model for Legal Documents Full text 86
N. Dokev, D. Smiliankina An Information System for a Pharmaceutical Network Full text 92