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Project Title:
Design and modelling of metal matrix composites.

Starting date: 01.11.2018
Duration: 18 months
Project type: H2020-MSCA-IF-2017
Grant Agreement No: 797372
Fellow: Dr. Jovana Ruzic
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dimitar Karastoyanov
Beneficiary Organization: IICT-BAS


Abstract: Excellent mechanical properties make metal matrix composites (MMCs) an attractive and desirable material in many industries. However, manufacturing costs of MMCs are currently very high mainly due to lack of material design database and limited knowledge related to their behavior in various working conditions. This proposed research aims to improve understanding of the relation between MMCs production parameters and their properties. The proposed research plan has two main assignments: firstly, to experimentally obtain optimal processing parameters for producing highly conductive, strengthened copper matrix composites with uniform dispersion of submicron and nano-sized reinforcements; secondly, to create a computational model for mechanical alloying process and for predicting the behaviour of MMCs. Powder metallurgy will be used for MMCs production. It is expected that with increasing mechanical alloying time the distribution of reinforcements (in-situ formed during densification process) in metal matrix become more uniform which is a requirement for excellent mechanical properties. Investigating the influence of size and volume fraction of in-situ formed reinforcing nanoparticles on its microstructural, mechanical and physical properties will be the overall objective of the experimental work. Proposed techniques, data collection, and analysis will identify the relationship between process parameters and material behaviour, which will contribute to the establishment of process parameters for fabrication of MMCs. Obtained results will present a good database which can accelerate further research, development and possible implementation of MMCs. Moreover, creating computational models for control of microstructure and process design of MMCs will contribute to a better understanding and predicting the behaviour of a wide variety of MMCs. It will provide a cost effective solution in the manufacturing of MMCs which will expand possibilities in the design of new products.
For more information please visit the web page of the DeMoMet project. The DeMoMet project has received the funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 797372.

Keywords: metal matrix composites, integrated computational materials engineering, powder metallurgy, microstructural characterization, mechanical alloying, mechanical properties

results of simulation

The list of presentations and conferences attended:
- J. Ruzic, N. Stoimenov, S. Gyoshev, D. Karastoyanov: Analysis of Relationship between Properties of Mechanically Alloyed Powders and Corresponding Process Parameters, 148th TMS 2019 Annual Meeting and Exhibition, 10-14/03/2019, in San Antonio, Texas, USA.
- J. Ruzic, S. Gyoshev, N. Stoimenov, D. Karastoyanov: Investigation of metal powders using X-ray computed tomography, The 4th Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Congress of South-East Europe (MME-SEE), 05-07/06/2019, in Belgrade, Serbia
- N. Stoimenov*, J. Ruzic: Analysis of the particle motion during mechanical alloying using EDEM software, 19th IFAC Conference on Technology, Culture and International Stability (TECIS-2019), in Sozopol, Bulgaria.

Scientific papers published in Open Access journal:
- N. Stoimenov*, J. Ruzic: Analysis of the particle motion during mechanical alloying using EDEM software, IFAC-PapersOnLine, Elsevier, Vol. 52, No. 25 (2019) pp. 462-466, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ifacol.2019.12.583

Link for the database of the EDEM software: - https://www.edemsimulation.com/papers/analysis-of-the-particle-motion-during-mechanical-alloying-using-edem-software/

The list of the outreach activities:
- The link for the MSCA Success Stories in Widening Countries - published whitin the Net4Mobility project:

- 2019 MCAA Conference and General Assembly, 24-25/02/2019 in Vienna, Austria, organized by Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA).

- Annual Conference and meeting of the Bulgaria Chapter of MCAA – 2019 “Excellent Science facing the Challenges to Science-based Industries” 17-18/05/2019, in Sofia, Bulgaria

- Invited Lecture at IOOCP seminar, 12/06/2019, at the Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, in Sofia, Bulgaria

- European Researchers' Night 2019:

• The booklet "Successful projects by Maria Skłodowska-Curie" organized by K-Trio 3 project: https://rn.fmi.uni-sofia.bg/sites/default/files/MSCA-Successful-Projects.pdf

• Presenter at stand in front of the Regional Museum (Burgas, Bulgaria)

- IICT-BAS Open Doors, 03-04/10/2019, in Sofia, Bulgaria

- Participation in the TV Show at Bulgarian National Television - BNT2, link: https://www.bnt.bg/bg/a/ucheni-ot-ban-szdavat-kartini-dostpni-za-khora-s-narusheno-zrenie

- Article in the Newsletter of Bulgaria Chapter activities https://www.mariecuriealumni.eu/docs/our-first-newsletter