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Online Contents
2015, Vol. 66

Ch. Korsemov, Hr. Toshev - Application of Genetic Algorithms for Optimal Cutting of the Glass and the Profiles for Joinery Work 3
N. Lazarov, Zl. Ilcheva - Reversible Data Hiding Using a Histogram Modification 11
N. Lazarov, Zl. Ilcheva - Comparison of Various Space-Filling Curves for Lossless Data Hiding Using a Modified Histogram 21
Ch. Korsemov, Hr. Toshev - Optimal Planning of the Production of Corpus Details on Metal Cutting Machines with the Help of Computer Numeric Control 33
A. Boyadjiev, T. Boyadjiev - Model of a Knee Rehabilitation Device. Experimental Data 43
K. Kolchakov, V. Monov - Comparative analysis of a class of algorithms for traffic management in a crossbar commutator with respect to complex performance, speed and memory 53
D. Chikurtev - Improving and Optimizing the Navigation for Mobile Robot for Inspection by Using Robot Operating System 63
V. Dzhambov On the fast computing of some constants. High precision computation with .net framework c# and x-mpir 75
N. Stoimenov - Advanced computing for energy efficiency of milling processes 83