Current Research (sponsored by Bulgarian National Science Fund - NSF)


New Projects


1.      Project AComIn “Advanced Computing for Innovation”, grant 316087, funded by the FP7 Capacity Programme (Research Potential of Convergence Regions).

2.      Operational Programme "Development of the Competitiveness of Bulgarian Economy" project "Distributed Information System group management, remote diagnostics and servicing of specialized industrial robots"

2.      new developments

Innovative technology for the production of high materials and alloys containing nanoelementi by "sintering" to 2300 0C in Tamanova furnace.

New methods and means for renovating of shafts for folio extrusion -

NSF Grant No D 02-13/2009





Theoretical and experimental investigation on “combined hit” effect –

NSF Grant No ID 02-262/2008





Assistive computer interface for visually impaired –

NSF Grant No ID 02-14/2009







Theoretical and experimental studies on the effect of a new shape milling bodies for ball mills on the milling process –

NSF Grant No ID 0048/2009